Wednesday, November 12, 2008

425: How about that Barack Obama?

Hey y'all.

No, I'm not rubbing it in for those who supported/voted for the other folk.

I'm just celebrating.

Yes, still.

Sunday at church, I witnessed moving testaments from people who were overwhelmed by emotion as they expressed their relief and gratitude at the election results. All of them were white. (I've only seen four or five people of color in the whole congregation and we are two of them.)

Yet I'm not sure how many white people truly understand how Barack Obama's election has affected the global community of non-white people, specifically African-Americans. Not that the election was about race for me -- my own family is a huge melting pot of shades/races/cultures/languages -- but I know it was for many people.

However, the fact that Barack Obama was elected to the highest office in our nation -- and the ugly controversy it has sparked in many of the small-town minds who live around me -- speaks volumes about our nation as a collective group as well as the people individually.

For centuries we people of color have lived with white presidents as our leaders. Why will it be so difficult for some to be American citizens under the presidential dictates of a man of color?

Does it go all the way back to the primal fear of the "black men have giant penises" myth?

I wonder...

Any way, try to carry on folks. I know this is a really scary time for some. This might the time to learn meditation and other relaxation techniques.

But I promise you it won't be as bad as you think. After all, our president-elect was educated at Harvard, one of the whitest bastions of educational aspiration. So take a deep breath and let it goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

While you're sitting back chilling, maybe have a good listen to some old Stevie Wonder tunes. I hear he's Mr. and Mrs. Obama's favorite musician.

And you know, if you still can't quite get with the program, here's a great idea for a peaceful protest. When President Obama sends out that second wave of stimulus checks, write something plucky on yours and send it right back!

That'll show 'em how you really feel.


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