Thursday, November 13, 2008

427: Chill time.

Hey y'all.

Last week I went to the Mindfulness Sangha at a local church. It was a good stress reliever. I wanted to go this week too but Mr. Bliss worked late and I didn't want to take Baby Bliss with me.

She's been to daimoku tozos and yoga classes with me but there was always something to keep the children occupied at those events. She did ask to go with me to the sangha but I didn't think she would last for an hour of silent meditation. I also didn't think there would be any other children there and I was right.

My friend N___ has a son who is good friends with Baby Bliss. N___ came to meditation too last week. But her son stayed home with N___'s significant other.

N___ and I talked about this week's meditation the night of, both saying we wanted to go and disappointed that neither of us could.

There's always next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Bliss will be home on time.


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