Monday, September 22, 2008

402: eating Jim Crow

hey y'all.

when i went to yahoo this morning, there was an article about racism in the U.S. and how differently blacks and whites see the issue.

which got me to thinking...

for as many strides as colored folk have made (and continue to make) in the good ole U.S. of A., if you're one who believes that racism is dead in this country, i'd like to know what pile of sand your head rests under.

i'm not talking about white folk being prejudiced against people with dark skin. people discriminate against other people all the time, for many reasons. and i'm not talking about the olden days of "whites only" signs and fear of the KKK riding down on you.

i'm talking about the very real institutionalized racism that is "business as usual" in this country, usually covertly. (so okay, maybe some really aren't aware...)

but something i learned when i studied Buddhism, that i recall every day: your life will tell on you.

and to that end, here's an article that gives a really good example of how some in our glorious nation are really living and how some are trying to force others to live:

Jim Crow -- The Remix

wake up people!


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