Friday, September 19, 2008

401: busy bliss

hey y'all.

wow, i haven't blogged since sep. 10 but it seems like months since i've been here.

we bliss have been busy.

school is back in session and that always brings change, change, change to the house of bliss.

the biggest change is going back to a semblance of bedtime.

in summer, baby bliss is allowed to stay up late. i'm a night owl by nature and i suspect she is too. except that most times i can stay up all night, get 2 or 3 hours of sleep, and hit the ground running at wake up time.

baby bliss is more like my momma. even when they go to bed at a "decent hour", they prefer to laze around in bed for as long as possible the next day.

i admit that i was a homebody for much of the summer but i'm not a bedhead. if i'm in bed past 9 a.m., it's cuz i was up past 6 a.m. from the night before.

so any way, baby bliss and i joined a home schoolers group and we've been hanging out with them and having a high ole time. we also joined girl scouts and expect more fun to come dashing around the corner any minute now. ;o)

mr. bliss has been working his narrow tail off. he's been doing a lot of overtime to make up for the time when there was no overtime.

i'm proud of him. a man should work his fingers to the bone to take care of his family. *wink*

my momma and stepdad came down for a long spell a few weeks back. they left yesterday and took baby bliss with them. my momma convinced baby bliss that grandma is a nicer teacher so i packed up that rascal and sent her on her merry way.

but i know she'll be back sooner than i can toss her room for all those broke-necked barbie dolls she's hiding and hoarding. so i'm enjoying my freedom as much as i can.

this morning i was up at 8 and out of the house early to run my friday errands. usually we're doing school work so we don't get out until late afternoon.

today i was out before noon and got a ton of stuff done in 2 hours' time. *cheeeeeeeeeeze*

now i'm at the library. i was relaxing until i got a phone call from mr. bliss.

he hath summoned me home for dinner and a movie.

i'm outta here.

have a good weekend folks.


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