Thursday, October 9, 2008

403: the things we do for love

hey y'all.

my mama n'em are here.


they blew in tuesday. my stepdad is staying for a few days; my mama is leaving tomorrow with baby bliss. they're headed for a weekend excursion at a beautiful beach locale.

too bad they're expecting rain all weekend.

oh well. at least my mama is leaving.

cuz i do declare, she's been getting on my last nerve since she's been here. i know she's not trying to but it's just how she is, being drama queen extraordinaire and all.

i was asked to accompany them on holiday but i declined. i like restful vacations and the last one i took with my mama was anything but.

um, wait. it wasn't so bad. but months after we got back, i began hearing about "all the food" i ate while on vacation.

mama say what?!

the meals were all smorgasbord style but only i ate one plate per meal and not one was piled high or overflowing the sides.

okay, so i ate a few desserts with every dinner. but they were all displayed in bite-sized bits so i grabbed one each of a few i wanted to try.

what -- pray, tell -- is so bad about that?

i know my mama is the planet's most righteous-eating vegetarian/sometime vegan/sometime raw foodist. but although we were visiting a non-u.s. territory, i am an american and i reserve the right to choose my own foodstuffs.

so there granny bliss!


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