Monday, September 1, 2008

397: back to school

hey y'all.

tomorrow will be our first day of school for the 2008-2009 year.

i just realized i am missing a few things but nothing major. still, i don't feel like summer vacation should be over already. i know baby bliss feels the same. 'specially since she'll be in bed at 9 tonight.

i told her 10 minutes ago to "get ready" for bed. that means brush teeth, wash face (and other pertinent spots), get clean jammies, and be ready to get in bed at 9 p.m.

she's already given me the evil eye several times since then. as if i care.

and she thinks she's slick. she came back to the living room, laid in front of her bookcase, and picked up a few books. so i'm supposed to think she really wants to read one. um yeah. i don't doubt it but i know it's a ploy to delay bedtime for as long as possible.


if she can squeeze a chapter or two in before lights out, she's more than welcome to read anything she owns. i told her to set her alarm clock for 9 a.m. and that's what i meant.

she is so blessed to be home schooled. i have seen small children in this city -- babies, really -- standing at bus stops in the dark. with other little ones, no adults in sight. scary.

aha. she just turned on the telly to watch "deal or no deal". but what do i see? she has on the same night clothes that i told her not to sleep in last night. bad choice baby bliss.

oooh, no she didn't!

when i told her to go change, she got an attitude, rolling eyes, lotsa lip, and stomping. like she pays rent here!

now see...

okay, it's light out time.

i just told her to come back, turn off the telly, and good night.


it's quiet.

mr. bliss got called in around 11:30 this morning and i'm the only one up and around.

ummm, she just got back up to "get some water". and is still wearing the same pajamas!

the jonas brothers posters will be missing when she wakes up tomorrow.


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