Monday, September 1, 2008

398: more organizational skills required

so i put the one unit together saturday night.

after, i pulled stuff out of the closet so i could put the storage unit in the closet and put the stuff on it.


the storage unit wouldn't hold all the stuff that needed a decent place to live. and that one unit looked very lonely too.

sunday, i decided to return to target for more units. this time i fiddled around with the tape measure before i left home so i'd have a set of guidelines for my planned purchases.

wouldn't y'all know that when i got to target on sunday, i still couldn't make up my mind about what to get? and the unit i'd bought the day before was no longer on sale. :o(

i did buy one though. i also got one of the horizontal shoe shelf storage units.

according to the measurements i'd taken, once assembled, everything would fit perfectly into the space where i needed it to go.


this universe is such an interesting place to live.

after i put the two additional units together, it was time to get them suckers in the closet.

which took a lot longer -- and more sweat -- than i anticipated.

ya see, i didn't figure in the spacing of Things Already in the Closet. nor did i realize the closet opening had several inches of outside wall (on both sides) that took up space needed to put anything wider than 18 inches inside the closet. (the bottom shelving was 24 1/4 inches wide; the space in the closet was 24 3/4 inches wide.)

after an extended bout of groaning and grunting in my effort to either move the wall or shrink the storage unit, i realized i either had to explore other options or undo the darned thing and return it.

then suddenly ding ding ding ding ding!

it came to me how i could get the thing in the closet without using witchcraft or having to tear down the closet wall: i needed to get to the wall space above and beside the bookcase.

there was about thismuch space between the far wall and the bookcase already in the closet. i scootched the bookcase over as much as i could then i moved the (2) metal baskets on top of the bookcase, a precarious venture cuz one was already overhanging the bookcase by several inches and i didn't want to take the baskets out. (they're interlocked at the bottom.)

miraculously, i was able to squeeeeeeeeeeze the thing in sideways by starting at the top of the closet wall. as i moved it down the wall, it fit... it fit... it fit!


it got stuck.

a few inches from the floor.


i forgot about the darned molding that starts about 4 inches from the bottom of the closet. but it's only on the side walls and not the back. *sucking my teeth*


i ain't never been a girl to give up easily and that wasn't the time to make an exception.

i put my foot right above that shelf and i stomped.

et voila! it fit.


putting the two smaller storage units on top was a piece of cake.

when i showed off my closet to mr. bliss later, he remarked that it looked like a "real crafter's closet".

*big grin*


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