Monday, September 1, 2008

395: getting it together

hey y'all.

i spent some of this weekend organizing the closet in my office. it's where i store my crafts stuff and that space was just getting out of hand.

shortly after we moved in, i bought two of those inexpensive sauder wood-look bookcases to go in my office. i hate the flimsy backings that go on those things. so i did the measurements and went to home depot (alone) to get a big sheet of plywood (?) cut to fit the backs of the cases.

(i had no idea that they would make me buy the whole sheet, they'd cut it, and then offer me the leftovers. of course it makes perfect sense but how was i to know before i knew? mr. bliss thought i was nutty for bringing the leftovers home but i paid for it and why should i leave it there for them to re-sell or recycle?

any way, if/when i get my staple gun, i can cover one or both leftover pieces and make a table top for the balcony or something similar.)

so back to this weekend.

one half of the closet -- or maybe that's 3/4s -- looked neat and the remainder looked crappy. and i couldn't find things when i needed them. bum-mer.

additional storage units seemed to be the answer.

walmart and target's websites didn't yield the prices i was looking for but i decided to go to target in person. although walmart usually has the cheapest prices, target sometimes has good sales on those things.

saturday was my lucky day because i found just what i was looking for and it was on sale. but i'd left home without measuring the remaining floor space in the closet so i had a hard time deciding which piece would fit.


eventually i settled on a smaller piece, knowing it would fit with space to spare.

home... anxious to begin transforming the closet, i wanted to assemble the unit right away. i opened the box, laid out all pieces and parts, then went in search of a screwdriver.


take the needle off the record.

there was no screwdriver to be found in nary a crack nor crevice.

*pffffffffffffffffffffffff* (me, blowing out hot hissy-fit air.)

mr. bliss had just given me the screwdriver a night or two before, when i did my "tighten up" rounds of all the door screws in here. but somehow it disappeared.

frustrated, i left the pieces in a pile on the floor next to mr. bliss's open tool box, hoping he would get the hint when he came in from work cuz i didn't plan to be here.

(turns out he didn't plan to be here either. he'd gotten paged in to work in the wee hours of saturday morning and didn't return home until well after dark.)

in the meantime, baby bliss and i carted our packs off to the library until closing. then we came home to drop off some things and call a friend who wanted to go doggie walking with us.

i packed some veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, baked beans, a bunch of condiments, and a box of tea to take around the corner to auntie's house, where we would be walking the dog.

my plan was to make iced tea and put the burgers on the grill while the girls fed and walked the dog.

good that i'm a "roll with it" kinda girl. cuz y'all know that nothing went as planned right?

murphy's law in action:

  1. baby bliss's friend was scared of the dog and screamed shrilly every time the dog came near. which made the dog bark, which made the girl more scared. by the time she calmed down, we'd been there almost 30 minutes.
  2. which led to me forgetting to put on the water for the tea.
  3. auntie's grill was dirty and i didn't want to clean it.
  4. the girls did not want baked beans or fries so i didn't cook either side dish because i didn't want to cart leftovers home.
  5. it wasn't until after i put the water on that i discovered that although auntie has an ice dispenser on her fridge door, there was no ice being dispensed that day. and we didn't have enough time left for the tea to cool off in the fridge or freezer.
  6. we were supposed to get a phone call from the girl's dad letting me know it was time to bring her back home so she could go to a farewell dinner with family. wouldn't y'all know it, my phone did not work at auntie's house. which resulted in a rudely-executed extraction mission by the girl's older sister.
as we were pulling out of the driveway, my cousin (who lives next door to auntie) came out to say hello. she and i chatted for a few minutes about family stuff. by then it was full dark.

my grandma says baby bliss and i like to "travel at night" and we sure do. instead of heading home, we headed over to grandma's to get her mail because she was up north visiting my momma.

we finally dragged our tails home, where i waited for mr. bliss to come home and reveal the location of the screwdriver.

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