Tuesday, June 10, 2008

365: speaking of sweating...

...baby bliss, mr. bliss and i went to the gym last night.

it's free and right here in the complex so we have no excuse for not going. however, last night was the first time we had been in several months.

baby bliss loves the elliptical machine and the treadmill. mr. bliss does all the weight lifting stuff including free weights.

although i should probably be exercising a lot more body parts, i just ride the stationary bike because i'm trying to firm up my jiggly wiggly thighs.

i'm also trying to eat better-for-me foods but it's hard to do that around here. mr. bliss is a board certified junk food aficianado. he is right this minute plotting with baby bliss to get me to agree to go to dinner at olive garden.

olive garden is not my favorite dinner experience of choice. for one, although i love pasta, i can no longer eat alfredo sauce as it both constipates me (it's dairy) and it gives me a massive headache (the other components, possibly nitrates).

coupled with my love of seafood, my fried food weakness drives me to want dinner at a little seafood place we all enjoy. but mr. bliss won't want to eat there. his number one reason will be because he and i snuck off to lunch there in between store hopping this weekend, sans baby bliss. if she finds out, her bottom lip will hang to the floor until this time next week.

*** and i spoke too soon. she knows! she didn't pout but she did say, "i can't believe y'all ate lunch out without me!" and gave me the evil eye. LOL***

so any way, hopefully we'll go back to the gym tonight.

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