Tuesday, June 10, 2008

364: sweatin' as an oldie

to quote adele givens in Beauty Shop "it's hotter than a jalepeno's coochie out there"!

i just got back in from giving my neighbor a ride to sam's.

the car was parked right in front of our building, we hopped in and had the air going full blast, hopped out at sam's and swooshed our way into the air conditioned building to shop, burst out the doors and right back into the car.

now tell me why my clothes were soaking wet when i got in my door?

sweating is good i know, to release toxins and what not. but i still don't like it. partly because it makes me use extra water (for showering and drinking).

but i guess it has its place in a good weight reduction program. not that i'm officially on one but a sista is trying to lose a few inches before we go to Disney.

hmmm... maybe i'll do another apple fast or two before we haul it outta here.


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