Tuesday, April 29, 2008

342: water, sugar, milk, tuna, sardines, honey

that's part of my shopping list for walmart today.

i aven't been to sleep yet so i'll get a few zzzzzzz's then we'll be up and out of here.

i also have to:

  1. call the IRS automated number/check their website re receipt of our taxes.
  2. add some items to the online bill pay.
  3. find the info daddy needs. print, re-type/copy-and-paste, mail to him.
  4. return some items.
  5. find baby bliss a new swim suit or 2.
  6. hit the post office so baby bliss can mail a birthday card to a friend back home (and i can check my p.o. box).
  7. take stuff back to the library.
  8. call my daddy to make sure he wasn't swept away in a tornado yesterday (seriously).
  9. make lists for baby bliss's upcoming b'day party.
  10. start lists for impending trip home for family reunion.
  11. start lists for our soon-to-be-upcoming vacation.
  12. fix #1 auntie's earrings and return to her ASAP.
  13. wonder if a service provider i'm collaborating with on behalf of my client will call while i'm out and about. (since he didn't call when i was sitting home waiting yesterday.)

still on my list from days/weeks/months ago:

  1. finish a scarf i crocheted for a friend
  2. file the papers on my office floor
  3. finish altering a pair of pants i turned into a skirt (by adding inserts to the Vs created when i took the middle seams out; i'll be doing at least 2 more pair of pants after i see how this item turns out. the pants had gotten a bit tight in the cabooty but fit quite nice and comfy once transformed into a skirt.)
  4. continue crocheting the belt i started for my cousin's sister-in-law.
  5. finish unpacking the last few boxes so my living room will be semi-cleaner when the kin folk swarm on mother's day/party weekend.
  6. find/order/buy a replacement charger for mr. bliss's cordless drill so he can put a curtain rod over the living room window. (before the swarming commences.)

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