Wednesday, April 23, 2008

341: the trade-in

hey y'all.

being the semi-granola crunchy girl that i am, i bought a hybrid at the end of 2006.

i love it and i feel like i'm doing something positive for the environment and setting a good example for baby bliss too.

however, i am now thinking about trading in my car for one that might be just as gas-efficient and costs a lot less than what i have. so my trade-in might get rid of my car note and (fingers crossed) get me a little cash back as well.

but i've gotta do more research first.

and some people are gonna be mad at me *laughing to self* because the new car is a lot smaller than current car.



Scout's Honor said...

Ah, I just wrote a post about my gas-guzzler. With three kids and all theirv swim stuff, I can't fathom downsizing. But the cost seem to keep soaring...

bliss said...


I hear you about the kids and all their gear.

We just have Baby Bliss and she has tons of stuff IN MY CAR so I can imagine the excess baggage of three!

Aly Cat 121 said...

Well at least you have a car. Sh*t I'm STILL waiting on my ride. LOL. How small is small?

bliss said...

Chile, it's LITTLE. If your girls could drive themselves without you and daddy, they would be good to go. LOL