Wednesday, April 23, 2008

340: sally?

hey y'all.

i'm trying to remember the name of a scary movie from my childhood. if anyone remembers the name of this movie, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me.


(and if you've read a similar post on my blog ever--cuz i'm having a deja vu kinda moment--please bear with me. repeating myself is a new form of recycling that i'm trying out for Earth Day.)

a woman and her husband moved to an old house. i think she noticed strange movements and sounds (including her name being called) but only when she was home alone.

she had a glimpse of a little rock-looking man with a round head and black eyes while she was in the tub. he attempted to turn the bathroom light off with a wire hanger. if my memory is correct, another one put a big chunk of glass on the floor for her to step on.

when she told hubby about the little rock heads, he all but said she was crazy in that nice, "awww, okay honey" way that men employ when they don't want to be bothered with what they think of as women being hormonal.

so one day hubby goes on a business trip.

and sally (i think that's her name) was put through the wringer. she had a miserable day trying to get away from those little monsters. then those suckers got her.

and in the end you can hear them (sally and the monsters) wondering aloud if anyone else would come along for them to get.

sally assured them that someone would indeed come.

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