Tuesday, March 18, 2008

321: walk this way

hey y'all.

thank God for bells. without them, baby bliss might have spent the night on our balcony.

she and i camped out in the living room last night, like we do from time to time.

at some point, she had a dream that led to her sleep walking.

we have bells hanging on the patio door and although i was sleeping, i heard them ringing in the wee hours. i also heard the lock being unlocked.

my eyes immediately opened wide. my first thought was that someone was trying to get in.

then i realized i wasn't fully awake because i was looking in the wrong direction. if i wanted to see the door, i needed to look in the direction of the door -- over my left shoulder -- to see what was really going on.

it was baby bliss, about to step outside.

i called her name. she paused then looked in my direction.

"yes mommy?"

"where are you going?"

"daddy told me to get something for him."

"what?!" i checked the time on my cell phone. it was 3:45 in the morning!

"no sweetie. daddy is asleep. come back and lay down."

"no mommy. daddy said get something for him." she locked the door and walked to the middle of the living room. "wait. let me see."

she walked around the corner to our bedroom.

at that point i must have passed out because i don't know what happened next. eventually i opened my eyes again and saw a body laying on the floor. i assumed it was baby bliss.

then my mind wandered to blogging.

go figure.

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