Tuesday, March 18, 2008

320: potty paper

hey y'all.

i need to get one of those small tape recorders so i can voice-blog. i was blogging in my head in the wee hours and swore i would remember it. y'all know what happened right? LOL

this one crossed my mind the other day and it just came back to me...

soft toilet paper is one of the best things a girl can do for herself. (ladies, y'all know what i mean.)

i remember when i heard that the price of toilet paper was going up. i was worried and mad (cuz i think it costs enough already. y'all feel me?

we are paying too much for gas, food, shelter and -- everything! we are paying too much for everything already. how they gonna stick us up when we get our toilet paper?!

it's just too outrageous and disgusts me.

of course i know why prices rise: inflation, they say. but what is inflation, really? and why is inflation?

if it didn't affect the cost of my toilet paper (and other stuff i need), wouldn't i care?

any way, i'm thinking about changing brands. we currently use the one with the ridges in it. i think it's cottonelle. (i should know this, yes?)

or maybe i'll have to get it wholesale. (can you buy cottonelle wholesale without a wholesaler's license?)


i don't know y'all.

what i do know is that all things being equal, i'm more likely to shop drugstore.com (or any dot com) when they offer free shipping on the things we regularly use but only buy when we run out.

i figure (without doing too much math) that as long as the item is comparably priced, i'm saving gas and standing-in-line time, if not actual cash.


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Susan said...

Hey girl! Try Charmin Basic! I just stumbled on it about a year ago at BJs. Don't know if the other big stores sell it or not. It's a lot cheaper than the other "softies", but it doesn't have that powdery residue like some of them have! I love it!