Tuesday, March 18, 2008

322: matrimonial b*

hey y'all.

it's difficult to believe that next month, mr. bliss and i will be celebrating 5 years of marital b*. but i've known him so long, it feels like we'll be celebrating 20 years.

i wonder what we'll do for our anniversary? i'm not sure if we did anything other years. i can't recall off the top of my head...

ooops, wait...

to celebrate our first anniversary, we spent a wonderful weekend at this wonderful B & B, in the mountains of virginia. (i just visited their website and all i can say is "wow!" those folks have been busy! i see that they've opened a school. now i'm thinking about moving back up north, so my daughter can attend their school. they are really cool people. smart too.)

we've been trying to get to a well-known mountain city that's not too far but haven't yet. or maybe we'll drop baby bliss off at grandma's and have the place to ourselves for that weekend.

but with the price of gas, the word "recession" being flung around, and the upcoming plans for Other Stuff That Will Cost Money, staying home sounds like the best option.

- baby bliss has a birthday in a few months. every year her party is a big shindig. more so now that we've moved away from my hometown. i guess because it falls in with another big holiday and family comes to visit. so we combine the two events for a weekend of family, food, and fun.

-my birthday is the month after baby bliss's. and we're supposed to take a trip (maybe two) this summer.

- mr. bliss has a birthday soon after mine.

- the end of summer will be slow (but hot) and i probably won't want to do anything special but it would be nice if we could squeeze in a few days at the beach.

- my dutch sister is coming in september and i know she wants to see the town (again). also, she has invited us to visit her family in florida in december.


why was my momma telling the truth when she said money doesn't grow on trees?!

although it would be nice to see the mountains for a few days, thoughts of paying for a place to sleep and food to eat and gassssssssssssssssssssssssssss gives me the heebee jeebies.**

yeah, we'll celebrate 5 years of wedded b* right here at home.

** mr. bliss likes to say i'm cheap. i think of myself as thrifty. so we can have some $$ for our old age, ya know?


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