Wednesday, March 12, 2008

319: the "injured party".

hey y'all.

why is it that people assume that all women are the same?

specifically, that we will all react the same if we find out our husbands have strayed from the marital bed. (Women ponder why Spitzer's wife stood by)

every woman will not have the same feelings upon finding that the hubby got some nookie on the side. because all marriages are not built on the same foundations.

in other words, some women get married for things other than love and honor.

some tie the knot for cash incentives. these women are known as gold diggers.

some tie the knot to raise social standing. these women are referred to as social climbers.

some lesbians marry gay men because both need to get the family members off their backs. this is one version of a marriage of convenience.

some get hitched cuz they done got pregnant and think it's always best to marry the "baby daddy". later they divorce and are ever after known as so-and-so's "baby momma".

finally, yes, some do get married for love and honor. and yes, they might become the "injured party" if they ever learn they've been cheated on.

however, some women realize that "for better or for worse" could one day include a husband getting caught with his french bread in somebody else's jam pot.

but maybe some are mature enough to realize that monogamy is just one component of the marriage vows. and maybe they're mature enough to realize that although it might hurt now, one day it won't matter as much.

or not.

so maybe they pack their sh*t then hit the road or they end up sitting in county, for assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder.

but i urge any woman who finds herself as the "injured party" to take a deep breath before picking up that ice pick or packing up the suitcases.

look deep within and ask yourself : do i really want to harm the man? do i really want to leave him?

then ask yourself what you'll be giving up if you do either one.

especially if you have young children.

if you think long and deeply and your answer is still fight or flight, and you decide on the fight option, then go for it. just make sure you've got a good attorney on speed dial, someone you trust to look after your children, and a whole lotta spare change.

cuz a good criminal lawyer ain't cheap and other people really don't want to raise your kids but it helps if they come with their own cash.


Susan said...

I just LOVE the way you word things!!!!

bliss said...


thanks Susan. that one came from the bottom of my heart.

Aly Cat 121 said...

I know why she stood by, the same reason Hillary did. You don't "just leave" those kinds of marriages. Sh*t I probably wouldn't either. . . . well depending on whose side the money was on, mine or his. LOL

bliss said...

girlllllllll, ya never know! '-)