Tuesday, March 11, 2008

318: my shoe thang.

are you a shoe person?

i'm not.

i'd rather be barefoot.

i'll wear shoes when necessary and i like to try to match the shoe to the occasion, which might happen once a year.

conversely, i have more pairs of shoes than i need. for the past few years i've been in love with flip flops.

not just any kind of flip flops tho.

they have to be wedgies or platforms.

i have one pair each of black and brown that have been sufficient for most of my outfits over the past year. i got them from WalMart for less than $5 each.

for the past several months i've been looking for more of the same. silly ole WalMart isn't on the job this time around. they have white, dark pink, and brown wedgie flip flops.

but no black.

so i got a pair from Target. but they're not the same. :-(

i've been checking online too and i found a couple of website with rockin wedgie and platform flip flops. lots of colors and styles. :-)

only one thing has stopped me from buying: the price.

i love my feet in comfy flip flops but i cannot bring myself to pay $10 (plus shipping) for a pair of flip flops, no matter how cute they are.

maybe i'll treat myself to one pair for my birthday. or maybe i'll get mr. bliss to do it. $10 for a pair of shoes is nothing to him.


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