Tuesday, February 5, 2008

300: more on the MIL

hey y'all.

sunday at our house...

mr. bliss went to church with baby bliss and i. and he only went cuz our downstairs neighbor (who shall ever after be known as DSN; more about him later) urged him to go with us.

DSN went with us too.

we all had a great time. DSN said the message was one he really really needed to hear.

it was one i needed to hear too.

the topic was Forgiveness.

y'all know who came to mind as soon as i heard the word right?

yes! the MIL!

as i'm sure y'all know, sometimes God is subtle. then i'm left wanting clarity. thank you God for putting it smack upside my head this time. '-)

mr. bliss and i talked about it and it was all good.

God gave me a few practice lessons today.

i didn't bat an eye when mr. bliss's ex-wife (mother of my inherited child) called and yelled at mr. bliss for 15 or 20 minutes.

i didn't even flinch when his momma called and he told her, "i went to ________'s church today" and _______ was his ex-wife's name instead of mine.

then guess what his momma said. something like, "ewwwww. you don't mean that buddha mess do you?" and he laughed and said, "no, it's a church but they're all a bunch of hippies."

then the MIL asked him where he was, where was i, and if he could talk. i guess she thought she was gonna get some church gossip outta him.

*raising my eyebrow*

after they got off the phone he said, "oh, i shoulda let you talk to my mother. you could have told her how much you love her." then he laughed.

i gave him the evil eye and reminded him that our minister said Forgiveness is a process.

* * *

and after that phone call, my feet got stuck in the mud and the 3 baby steps i took forward will be as far as i go for a while.


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Aly Cat 121 said...

Girl you know some folks ain't changing and that's why they miserable and trying to make sure that everybody else around them is too. Glad Mr. Bliss is getting on board and not tripping either. Folks can't help who they family is but that don't mean they got to like it.