Wednesday, February 6, 2008

301: tidbits from grandma

hey y'all.

baby bliss and i hung out with grandma most of tuesday. we were at her house for several hours, while we waited for a repairman and then while they waited for me to finish a few assignments.

grandma loves her grands and great-grands. she'll feed us, clothe us, buy us gas and let us sleep at her house if our heat goes out.

but she is one who believes that chil'ren should not run amok and tear up the house, no matter how cute we may be.

wellllllll, baby bliss has her own renewable supply of petroleum-free energy and she loves to expend lots and lots of it at grandma's house. one reason is that we have downstairs neighbors and grandma only has next door neighbors.

baby bliss likes to run about in the backyard but grandma said no. even tho it was in the low 70s here today, the grass was damp and i'm sure the dirt was a bit muddy. so grandma said stay on the deck.

in between completing paragraphs, i watched periodically from the window. baby bliss tried as hard as she could to stay put. finally i saw her break free.

she was ecstatic as she ran through the grass, whirling her walking stick around in circles above her head.

finally i finished the last of my assignments and e-mailed it in. then i called to baby bliss to come in so we could take grandma to the store.

baby bliss bounced back into the house like she was on a pogo stick. i saw grandma's eyes flash. as i packed my things away, baby bliss began jumping around in the family room. i told her to get her things put away so we could go.

she said "okay mommy" but all her motion didn't take her one inch closer to her stuff. at one point, it looked like she was gonna run into the brick that surrounds grandma's fireplace.

grandma couldn't hold her tongue any longer.

"now. if you fall and bang your head on that floor, you will be sorry little girl. you just need to sit down and stop all them monkey shines."

uhm yeah. we love you grandma.

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