Thursday, January 17, 2008

291: weather or not

hey y'all.

it's snowing here. yuck.

baby bliss did the happy dance -- on the balcony in the cold -- when she saw it coming down. of course she had to drag me out with her.


i don't like snow. lemme re-phrase. i don't do snow.

i've learned to love to look at it, because it's pretty and God has cured me of my very real fear (disguised as hatred) of snow.

baby bliss prayed (literally) for the snow and she wants it to stick around until she wakes up in the morning. she's hoping to go out to play in it.

(of course. why else do children pray for snow?)

the last time we got snow, i went with baby bliss to the parking lot. she had a snowball fight with the car while i watched from the warmth and safety of inside the car. she had a great time. so did i.

although i no longer fear the snow, i have a reverence for it. it's powerful and can be dangerous. i won't willingly drive in or on snow because i try to avoid driving in any type of precipitation (or residue of).

i am a warm-weather soul. cold weather is not my friend.

there was a time when i felt cold much of the time. in summer, air conditioning was usually too cold. in winter, frigid temps frighten me.

although in recent years my body seems to be better able to stand cold, i will never be converted. i still dream of dwelling in tropical climes. at least once a week i drift into sweet slumber and emerge onto secluded beaches where crystal clear waters gently lap at sugary stretches of sand. ahhhh...

places where coats are unnecessary and unheard of.

yes, i do own a few but i don't like wearing coats. they make me feel constricted. so i layer up. and then i get paranoid and worry that i'll wear too many layers or too few.


why should i have to worry about something so stressful when i should be at home, away from bad weather, where i'll be warm (and dry)?



Susan said...

Well I am obviously still a northerner at heart. I can't help but chuckle at the "blizzard" that shut down Greenville.... with a whopping 2 inches of snow!

My 4 year old is beside himself with excitement. But my 2 year old is like, "What is this COLD stuff???"

bliss said...


Susan, if I could stand the humidity, I'd move further south! :-)

I can't stand the cold. The snow I've learned to love from a distance.

But I braved it this past weekend. It was scary but I lived thru it. LOL