Wednesday, January 23, 2008

292: ice queens, snow bunnies and other assorted win'try womens

hey y'all.

how's the weather outside your window today? our day is sunny and fairly warm, considering.

in the past few days/weeks, we've had some really really cold weather here. but thankfully, although we did get some snow, the predicted snowstorms have failed to materialize.

saturday afternoon, i drove in the snow for the second time in my life.

the first time (back in tha day) was unintentional and it was just flurries. i was heading for a romantic rendezvous with The One Who Got Away and it started coming down en route. it was dark out and i was scared. i was on a narrow two-lane road and the only illumination came from headlights.

this time i knew what i was getting into. i thanked God for granting me safe passage and left home in daylight. the snow was coming down hard but there were few vehicles on the road and for once, drivers seemed to be courteous. my own snow-day miracle!

i arrived at the hotel a few hours before the event started cuz we (the volunteers) were so requested.

i had arrived dressed for my duties--welcoming the wealthy and well-dressed attendees--because having worked in meeting planning for many years, i knew there might not be enough time to change clothes later.

what was i thinking, forgetting to expect the unexpected? last-minute crises are inevitable at meetings and events of all kinds.

there was a lot to do in those hours, work i hadn't counted on because the meeting planner and her/his crew usually makes sure all is taken care of.

but this was a Big Event. so i'm thinking either the number of bodies needed was underestimated or some were no-shows. most of us volunteers just pitched in and got 'er done.

i was a little sweaty afterwards but thankfully not stinky. (tho i did have my emergency deodorant stashed in my bag, just in case.)

the evening got underway with a few early birds who were omens of fine apparel to come.

* * *

to be continued...

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Aly Cat 121 said...

now why you just gone leave folks hanging like that?