Wednesday, January 9, 2008

290: read any good books lately?

hey y'all.

if you're looking for a good book to read and you want some ideas, subscribe to the Review-A-Day at

reading books has been one of my favorite activities since kindergarten. but more and more these days, if it ain't online, i don't have time to read it. Powell's reviews give me an idea of what i will likely enjoy in my spare bits of offline reading time.



Susan said...

I'm working through the Harry Potter series. Never read one until last fall. Now I'm on number 6. Easy reads are definitely for me right now!

bliss said...

Hi there Susan. Two thumbs up to you!

I'm afraid to read Harry Potter. LOL

We love the movies but the books are so thick, I just know she's got stuff in there that didn't/won't make it to any of the movies. :-(