Thursday, September 27, 2007

238: a letter to Raven

dear Mr or Miz Raven,

who ever you are, please stop giving out my phone number. i have taken two calls for you today already and the last caller told me you gave him my number on an application. that is something i DO not appreciate at all.

it's not like i don't have enough on my plate without answering calls for a person i don't know. it's more than annoying. it's cruddy.

why would you make up a number to put on an application? why not put "N/A", "none", or the ever-popular "none uh yo bizness"?

i'd be happy to take calls for you (even messages) if you had called me first and we had a financial agreement attached to said phone calls. however, this is not the case.

rest assured that when i find out who you are, i'm gonna report you to The Authorities. i don't know which Authorities but know that there is an Authority out there that reprimands people like you.

that is all.



jessabean said...

Ooooh I HATE that! I used to get repeated phone calls--once I counted 6 in an hour--from a drugged out lady asking for a different guy each time. I eventually yelled at her and then changed my phone number.

I hope you get it worked out!

bliss said...

Jessabean, i swear something similar happened to me once. a woman kept calling me but she was calling for the same guy every time. she sounded like she was higher than a Georgia pine.

the last time she called she was crying and saying she really needed to reach the guy and my number was the last one she had for him, etc.

i felt really bad for her and talked to her for a little while.

later i wondered if the guy she was looking for was her dealer... :-&

Devilish Southern Belle said...

This had me giggling, even though I know it's frustrating!

Aly Cat 121 said...

I hate that. The dayum phone company know it needs to stop recycling folks phone numbers. I used to get a call at least once a day for somebody named Roy Rice. Then they'd be addressing me as Mrs. Rice and acting like I was tryna cover for somebody who I NEVER ever met or heard of. That's too funny!

bliss said...

Belle, you're bad for laughing. but it would be funny if it wasn't so annoying. :o)

bliss said...

dear Mrs Rice,

OOOPS! scratch that.

i mean dear Aly, you KNOW you know Roy Rice. he used to live next door to y'all last year. the guy who used to drive the beat up Ford?