Friday, September 28, 2007

239: second wind

hey y'all.

i've been waiting for my second wind all day. is it coming? shoot. i'll be ready for bed in a few.

now days the one thing about staying up all night is that i know I'll be dead tired very early, when a "decent hour" for bedtime rolls around again.

all this research has been kicking my tail this week. it's not the research itself. it's the copy-and-paste that i'm doing to compile the data.

*sniff, sniff* i need a hankie y'all.

i wanna read, i wanna get back to working on my bigger basket, and i'm starving too. but i don't feel like moving from the love seat.

so i'm watching Oprah. there are two young transgendered young people on today's show. i've been very interested in this topic for a while cuz i've been researching it for a project i've been working on. for longer than i want cuz that's what happens with a lot of my projects.

i haven't been writing at all. other than for work and here. but it's okay. for now.


Stella and Thomas said...

I saw that Oprah...interesting wasn't it?? Hope you got that second wind, or third...


bliss said...

Amy, i'm still waiting for my second wind. :-& and i need it bad too.

yes! Oprah was realllllly interesting. did you think the 16 year old young man's face looked like a boy's even when he was a girl?? we did.