Thursday, September 27, 2007


hey y'all.

i came across something good during my travels online today. yeah, when i was 'sposed to be working.

it's about a project called "Feeling Groovy".

there's a guy named Nigel Nix who's an English teacher in Germany. he has "...designed a program online to make people feel happy for at least one minute using video and sound."

his goal is to make 1,000,000 people happy with this project.

i haven't checked it out yet y'all but i'm gonna. here's the link so y'all can go check it out too: Feeling Groovy


Aly Cat 121 said...

okay see how sh*t go wrong when your computer has no speakers? It's like trying to be influenced by commercials when you leave the room.

I went to the website and had NO idea what was going on and why somebodies child kept flashing in a lil box and why the words "how you feeling" kept coming up. Well when the page went to the next page, and wanted me to 1. type in my family/friend emails and send it 2. make a monetary donation I got skeptical. Then I read "about" part and was like NO.

Then I read what you wrote again and realized it was suppose to make me "feel good" and only made me think somebody was trying steal emails and get money. *shakin head* Okay I guess I flunked.

bliss said...


girl i didn't even get past the child in the swing! i guess i was tired that day. '-)