Friday, May 12, 2017


Happy Friday and all that good stuff folks!

This is gonna be a fast one because I'm ducking the Sandman and I'm running out of crevices to hide in.

I didn't sleep last night. When I finally passed out it was after 3 a.m. Wake up was 8 and I don't know why.

My tummy has been upset most of the day and my nerves have been on edge. Maybe it's from not enough sleep, among other things.

Before I forget, the paramour and I had another two-day date earlier this week. We also met for lunch today.

Both dates were good, each in its own way. Lots of touching and smooching, private jokes and laughter, all around good vibrations.

Traffic was awful going and coming. Not wanting to linger in other people's exhaust fumes for too long, I made two pit stops.

One at Mr. Paramour's insistence, to check my blood pressure. He thought me not feeling well might have been an indicator of a bit of hypertension so at his urging, I stopped to slide my arm into a pharmacy cuff.

The results were good but I figured they would be.

I also stopped at Target to return lipstick and attempt to exchange a shirt. I got a refund on the lipstick but I still have the shirt because the store didn't have the size I need.

Ah well... Some other day...

So I get a phone call from Baby Bliss when I'm about a mile from home. It seems she's going camping with her boyfriend and his family.

As in "in the forest". As in "sleeping in tents". As in "there are bears and snakes and ticks out there".

And now I know why I've been on edge all day.

In the physical presentation of my "symptoms" there was the feeling that something "other" was off in the world. In my world. I guess this was it.

They'll be gone until Sunday. I'm thanking God and Universe in advance for my daughter's well being and safe return.

Please join me.

In my upbringing, the only people who slept outside were homeless people and drunks who passed out outside.


Time for my nap folks.

I ask that you all participate in knitting me a cocoon of love and prayers while I sleep.


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