Monday, May 8, 2017


Mercury, Mercury, Mercury...  😁😂😶

This is the post-shadow phase of the retrograde. (See here for explanation: 2017 Mercury Retrograde Calendar.)

Maybe it's because this retrograde is in Taurus but it seems like the most stubborn retrograde I can recall.

This morning, when I checked my call log, there were four (4!) calls from the most persistent ex I've ever dated. I say "persistent" because he's the one who I haven't (voluntarily) talked to in the longest amount of time and he's the one who continues to call despite that fact.

I've mentioned this ex more than any other ex so my frequent readers probably know who I'm referring to. But I'm not linking to any more posts about him. I feel like I'm drawing him to me.

Only he and God know why he never leaves a voicemail but it's obvious he wants to talk to me because he's literally been calling me for years and with a few accidental incidents, his call go straight to my voicemail.

Leos...  😫

A few minutes ago I also saw a call from someone I don't remember. But the number is on the reject call list and as we know, about 99% of the numbers on the list are those of exes.

Ahhhh well... It's time to get the daughter for our afternoon shopping spree. 👗 👡 💄 🍧

Toodles y'all! 

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