Saturday, May 6, 2017


Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you are all healthy, happy, and safe.

Today's weather at my location is extremely windy and cool for this time of year. It's also sunny and beautiful. Aside from the wind knocking over one of my porch decorations necessitating me picking up broken glass, the weather suits me.

While I was on the porch, I looked at my siding and decided it needed washing. Lots of dirt and debris had settled into the small crevices. Since I don't have a power washer, I loaded up my giant spray bottle with shampoo and water and got to work.

Didn't have to scrub anything but there are a few spots that need wiping down.

Today I need to travel down to the big city but I'm reluctant to go because of the wind. The highway that connects me to the big city is currently under construction which is causing major headaches for drivers.

In addition to the added congestion, there are also the issues of construction debris and people driving too fast on pavement that is no longer smooth. Collisions have increased at an alarming rate.

Traffic to and from this area is always horrible on weekends because we're considered a recreational area. Lots of people come up from the city on weekends to sail, fish, swim, and partake in other water-related activities in the area.

Which brings me to thoughts of moving.

If this thing with Mr. Paramour and I continues to move along at its current rate of ascent, I will eventually be Mrs. Paramour. Which means I will eventually have to move.

It's really really really gonna be hard to leave this place. It's beautiful here. Serene for the most part. One of the nicest places I've ever lived.

But no need to fret on it at the moment. Those are thoughts for a future that has yet to manifest.

Today's Big Decision revolves around going down to the big city and which route to take if the answer is yes.

After last weekend's punctured tire incident, I'm thinking about boycotting the highway for a while.

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