Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Happy happy Wednesday y'all!  😀

I see that Google has graced us bloggers with emojis. Is this our holiday gift or did we get this power with the recent upgrades and I missed it until now?

I'm an emoji-using kinda gal so if I go overboard, someone please remove my fingers from the keyboard and take me out for a cupcake.

In other news, if anyone is interested in an update on the "money luck" in my dream detailed in Post 700, here it is.

Folks, I'm happy to say I did get some unexpected funds last month. I won't go into the personal stuff but one day in late November, there was a check for almost $150 sitting in my mailbox. The money was owed to me but it had been almost a year in coming so I had no idea when to expect it.

The check is still floating around in here because rarely do I visit my financial institution more than once a month. Baby Bliss likes to hoard her paychecks so we usually go when she decides to deposit them.

With the holidays upon us, I told her we should go today.

Merry Christmas to me! 🎁💲🎁💲🎁💲

While we're on the topic of dreams, I had a funny one several nights ago.

In waking life, I've purchased at least two of the blenders that use a personal cup with a blade attachment that screws in while the cup is upside down and is then placed right-side up into the contraption with the motor.

The first one lasted several years then one day, one of the blades broke while I was blending. I had already bought the second one as a back up so no big deal. I threw out the whole blade attachment and the cup I was using to blend.

The second one lasted a year, maybe two before the blade attachment got cracked somehow.

As a parent, it is my duty to blame Baby Bliss for both blenders getting broken because that's what good parents do when it's only the parent and the child living in the residence and the parent knows he or she didn't break the item(s).

Because I'm a really good parent, I'll give y'all the details: the blades broke on the first one because she kept putting too many frozen items in the cup without enough liquid. She would also run the blender too long. The frozen items were obviously too strong for the blade and I believe they eventually caused the blade components to weaken.

The base of the second blade attachment was cracked which means it was likely dropped from a height high enough for that to happen. I know I didn't drop the thing...

At some point I realized that every time I used the blender, liquid had seeped out from the cup into the piece that held the motor. Eventually I examined the blade attachment and saw a crack running from the center of the thing to the outer edge. It went clean through the whole of the two-inch high contraption.


I tossed it.

That was last month.

I thought about buying a new blender but just couldn't get into the mood to do it.

Last year, someone gave me a food processor that I've never used because I've never used a food processor. I've seen them used on cooking shows but never in real life.

It had been sitting in an open box atop my kitchen cabinet, gathering dust and maybe spider webs.

In the absence of a blender, I wondered if I could use the food processor to make my daily green drink. It was never more than a thought but it led to thoughts of making ice cream with the food processor.

I even mentioned it to a few folks. But that too was merely a thought. 😄

Then I had the dream.

In the dream, I was on the stepladder in the kitchen, piddling around with things atop the cabinet. Some of those things were blenders, three in total, brand new and waiting for me to use them.

When I awoke, I thought it was funny and didn't give it another thought until yesterday.

Yesterday I took the stepladder to the kitchen and got the food processor box down.

Lo and behold honey! There was a blender in the box. You could have bought me for a penny.

It's a Cuisinart and came with dangerous-looking blades (that are indeed dangerous) for the blender and the food processor.

The assembly directions (and a recipe book) were in the box too. I safely assembled the blender then disassembled to give it a good cleaning.

The blender looks like it'll hold about a half gallon of liquid so I'm not sure how it will work for my green drinks.

Stay tuned folks because I'll find out soon. 😄

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