Friday, October 21, 2016


Happy Friday folks.

So much to tell and so little time.

Looks like this will be a multi-posting, to be continued at a later time or date...

I'll start with saying I'm in a peculiar kind of mood today so if I say anything that offends you, suck it up.

Let's get started!

Early voting began yesterday in my neck of the woods.

I'll be heading over to cast my ballot today.

Lots of lines on the news yesterday so I'll likely stick a paperback in my purse.

Thank God they did away with that bullsh*t voter ID law. Not that I don't have identification but we all know what that crap was about. As if voter fraud was proven to run rampant in this state...

I don't understand racist bigots and white supremacists. If they're really better than everyone else, why do they fight so hard to handicap others?

Supremacy just is. It shouldn't require active suppression or degradation of others on the part of the so-called superior person.

Which leads to thoughts of the "one-drop" rule that unofficially determines a person's blackness in America.

As we Americans know, it only applies to people whose blackness can be visually identified. If it really meant anything, we'd all have to submit to DNA testing and carry our documents around to prove our blackness or lack there of.

But I'll say this: if it only takes one drop of black blood to make a person colored, that's some strong sh*t right there.

Maybe that's why they fear us.

Any who, time go get dressed.

Gotta do my part to make sure America turns bluer than a beautiful Carolina sky!

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