Friday, September 16, 2016


Happy Friday everyone!

I hope life has been rainbows and sunshine for you all since we last met here.

My days (and nights) have been interesting. Never a dull moment chez Bliss, you know.

Baby Bliss has been working her self into a tizzy. Good for her! She's young and energetic. She's also saving for a car. It's possible I'll match her efforts. We'll see.

In the latest episode of Blissful Dating, I'm fast approaching the level of Dating Mastermind. I think I need 10 more points. (Each date is worth one point. Two if It lasts longer than four hours.)

I missed out on at least one point this past weekend because I got stood up. Check it out:

Me, after being stood up for a date Saturday (September 10).

Mr. No-show and I had spoken to each other a few times that day, agreeing on a time and place. I was there and waited 15-20 minutes. He didn't call and hasn't since. Oh well...

But my darlings, you all know mami is a rolling stone. And as the saying goes, one monkey don't stop no show.

I had a breakfast date Wednesday. Fun and interesting. We went for a walk after. He proposed and we're getting married Christmas Eve. Mazel tov to me!

Just kidding folks.

However, he is smitten and I like him enough for a second date so I agreed to see him again tonight.

Stay tuned y'all!

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