Monday, August 29, 2016


I meant to post this yesterday (Sunday, August 28, 2016) around 3.

* * * 

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's been a quiet weekend here but today is revving up to be a busy one. After I drop the darling daughter at work, I have a date.

Not that me having a date is a surprise. It's the circumstances.

There's a guy I met online over a year ago who lives a few states over. We've kept in touch via texts and phone calls since we first connected.

Nothing seriously romantic but everything else. Sometimes a little flirty.

Well he's riding his motorcycle today and he's in my state, a few hours away. He has invited me to dinner.

I accepted with the caveat of him having to drive another two hours to meet me closer to home (a few towns up the highway from me) because I have to get the child from work later.

He said yes and I accepted.

It will be wonderful to finally see him face to face.

More later folks!


Andwele said...

Hope the date works out for ya!

Bliss said...

Thank you Andwele. It was lots of fun. :)