Saturday, July 9, 2016


Does anyone remember this post: 542?

Well, we haven't made it to Europe yet. But y'all know that from reading the blog.

And it turns out there's no discernable Scottish ancestry anywhere in my double helix.

However, I am approximately five (5) percent Irish. And one (1) percent Scandinavian.

I'm also (approximately) four (4) percent West Asian.

Hysterical, right?

I was thinking about this because I was at a local mall today and what I saw surprised me and filled me with joy.

There were so many people at the mall, of many nationalities, speaking many languages, and wearing garb that I took to be representative of many religions.

Everyone was co-existing peacefully and it was beautiful.

If the world was like this everywhere and every day...

It brings me to tears to think about it.

Maybe one day.


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