Friday, July 8, 2016


Well that was a cool first date.

I think the band was supposed to play outside but it rained and they had to set up inside. So the music started late but it didn't matter because the conversation was good.

When the date ended, he walked me to my car. We hugged good night and he asked if I would like to go out again.

I said yes and gave him a peck on the lips.

(Insert girlish giggle here.)

I texted him shortly after I got home, to tell him I enjoyed the date and I'm looking forward to more good conversations.

He said he enjoyed it too and he's looking forward to getting to know me better. He also said my pictures don't do me justice.

Now aren't those just the nicest things to say to a lady after a first date?

I guess the fairy dust did its job tonight.

And now I'll bid you all a fond good night. I'm tired. Not going to bed yet but I need to unwind.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Back with more soon...

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