Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Did I forget to mention Friday and Saturday in previous posts?

I think I might did.

Friday afternoon I drove down to the big city to get my grandma. She and I ran the streets for several hours, taking care of business, dining on gourmet fare at Chick-fil-A, doing a bit of upscale shopping at a local thrift store, getting groceries at the hoity-toity supermarket, picking up a few trinkets at the nearest Dollar Tree...

After I returned grandma to her home (well before dark), I made a pit stop at one of the finer fried chicken joints in town then joined Miz A at K's house.

We three sat around for a few hours of food, laughter, and conversation. Eventually Miz A and I departed with promises of returning on Saturday. But alas, it wasn't to be.

Saturday morning I awoke to a text from Miz A informing me that she was unlikely to return to K's because she'd taken ill during the night.

(That's not what she really said but I like the sound of it. She did say she wasn't feeling well, which wasn't surprising because she'd been lethargic Friday evening. When I arrived at K's, she was bundled up in a blanket on one of the sofas, drinking water.)

I sent my condolences by return text and hit the snooze bar.

Actually I had made plans on Friday afternoon to spend Saturday with my friend D. He called and said he had the weekend off (a rarity) with nothing to do. We hadn't had a visit since Thanksgiving (when I drove to his town) so I suggested we meet in the big city on Saturday to hang out.

We started with lunch at a favorite Chinese restaurant then a walk (at the mall because it was so damned hot out).

It was a really good day. I like D (who I met on a dating site a few years ago and developed a friendship with) because he's an all-around decent guy. We have many shared interests, good conversation, he's a gentleman. He's handsome. Kinda sexy too. (But there's no romantic chemistry between us.)

D and I parted around 8.

Later in the evening, I logged onto one of the dating sites and e-mailed with a few guys who have been chatting me up recently.

One of them invited me to breakfast Sunday.

Which is where I think my previous post left off.

And because I now have a migraine, this one shall end here.

Sweet dreams folks.

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