Sunday, June 12, 2016


My date for last Sunday flaked out on me.

But it's cool. Although I was freshly showered before noon, I didn't get dressed because he'd said he would call by noon and didn't.

Que sera, sera darlings.

There's always another somewhere in the wind...

In fact, I've been invited to a late breakfast (11 a.m.).

This one is close to home but I need to start getting ready right now.

Which means I will get dressed for this one. Nothing fancy so if I go and he doesn't show, it won't matter. I'll eat at the place any way because it's a place I like.

After breakfast I'll drop in at a few of my favorite thrift stores because I need a few items for my next vacation. (Which I'll detail more at a later date.)

Time for that shower!

Y'all be good and as usual, stay tuned for more.

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