Thursday, April 14, 2016


I have been a busy, busy, busy bee for the past month.

A great vacation at the beach with Baby Bliss, a good visit with my dad, a family baby shower...

This past weekend I had three long dates with the same guy. Lots of food, laughter, walking, talking, hand-holding, arm-swinging.

Tuesday evening my daughter and I made an impromptu fro-yo run.

She choose a wild mixture of red grapefruit and pink lemonade sorbet, topped with mango boba pearls.

My choice of fro-yo was (and is usually) the more sedate Greek, festooned with a medley of toppings. Sometimes I get healthy toppings like fruit and nuts. This time I went a bit wild: dry pecans, maraschino cherries, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, Heath Bar pieces, and Butterfinger pieces.

It should be a while before I eat something so decadent again.

Or maybe not.

Miz A's birthday is in a few weeks but we're celebrating this weekend. The blowout starts Saturday afternoon with a meal and cake at our favorite local venue, FireWater.

We're continuing the bash at a local dance club around 7 p.m. (Because we heard it's impossible to get a table any time after that.)

The finale will be Sunday, early afternoon in the same general area as Part I, to wind down and re-hash all the shenanigans before we all head to our respective homes.

Some of us will be crashing at a near-by hotel Saturday night which means I'll have to pack sometime tomorrow. I'm one of the hostesses for the weekend so I need to arrive at the venue an hour in advance on Saturday to take the cake and help set up the decorations.

In addition, I promised my grandma I'd take her shopping tomorrow and Baby Bliss has prom tomorrow evening.

*Digging through the cupboards for some Geritol...*

Stay tuned for photos y'all!

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