Sunday, November 23, 2014


Dreams from last week...

Earlier in the week, I dreamed I was home, in the apartment building I grew up in.

I was spraying air freshener in the hallway.

Then I got the notion to freshen the air in the laundry room.

As I descended the stairs, I passed several people who were heading up.

Closer to the laundry room, I passed a couple. We exchanged pleasantries.

I entered the laundry room, can of spray ready.

To my surprise, the laundry room was occupied by an unexpected... guest.

It was a white monkey, a gibbon.

I stood transfixed as I watched it walk across the room and hang something wet across a wooden clothes drying rack.

When I began to spray the air, it gave me a look and began screeching, as if I'd interrupted something important.

Then it scurried out of the room through a sort of hidden doorway.

I headed back upstairs and came across the couple I'd seen earlier.

When I asked them if they knew about the monkey, they laughed. The woman told me there was a Volkswagen parked in one of the laundry rooms in a building down the street.


A morning later in the week:

Upon waking, I remembered fragments of at least three separate dreams.

The first:

I was outside with a woman. We were standing near the old fashioned train depot in my town. Ahead of us, we saw a woman wearing a short skirt, a short rabbit fur jacket, and knee high boots.

When the woman ahead of us turned to face us, I saw it was my good friend W. She was smiling, as she usually is in waking life. She looked happy and beautiful. I was very happy to see her.

The second:

Baby Bliss and I were on some kind of weird safari. There was no car, just she and I, and a mostly invisible guide.

We were running from a lion. Terrified, I was leading the way. Baby Bliss, wielding a sword, brought up the rear.

Glancing over my shoulder in fear, I saw the lion gaining on us. I thought we were going to be attacked. Then I noticed the animals running with us.

With several precise movements, Baby Bliss chopped up a few of the running animals.

We continued to run. The lion stopped, presumably to snack on the newly dead. I didn't look back.

The scene shifted.

Baby Bliss and I were in a large room in an aerie that was screened in on all sides.

She exited the room. I saw the lion coming. Somehow he got into the room where I was.

The third:

I was in a room at someone's house with Mr. Bliss' mama. I think we were out of town. She was crying. I was struggling not to. It seemed we had just heard that Mr. Bliss died.

She wanted to head back home (my hometown, where she still lives) so I agreed to take her.

My driving skill was off. I had trouble staying on my side of the two-lane road. Finally I drove us down the outside basement stairs of a church, into their party room.

Outside in the garden there was an event in progress. A dinner of some sort, for a local charity or something similar.

I walked over to a young lady in a motorized chair, asked her if she knew so-and-so. The young lady said no, she didn't.

There was lots of food. I knew we had to leave but seeing all the food made me hungry.

There was more but I don't remember the rest.

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