Tuesday, May 13, 2014


In spite of attempts by busy bodies in my birth family to cast aspersions into the sunshine of my life, the past week was wonderful.

Last Sunday (May 4), my daughter and I drove down to Florence, SC to meet cousin N., her daughters, and her grandson, for a long lunch. I hadn't seen N. since our grandmother's funeral in 2000. I had never met her daughters or grandson and our children had never met.

Lunch overflowed with food, laughter, reminiscing.

After lunch, the cousins continued on to our hometown for a family birthday celebration.

My daughter and I headed to a four-day vacation on Pleasure Island, at Carolina beach. It was restful, rejuvenating, marvelous. I basked in the heat and sunshine, ate lots of yummy stuff, met interesting folk.

The teenager enjoyed herself too, in her own way. It involved lots of eating, sleeping, and selfies.

This most recent weekend was fantastic as well.

Friday evening, I had a fun and interesting movie/dinner date. We saw "Fed Up", the documentary co-executive produced by Katie Couric. (Excellent information given in the movie but I think it will do better on DVD.)

On Mother's Day, my daughter and I had a fantastic lunch with one of my godmothers.

There was also a weekend-long birthday celebration (for Baby Bliss) with friends.

I have shed many tears since Mr. Bliss made his transition. Every day that I find a reason to smile or laugh is a good day and I remain thankful.

My prayers for health and healing go out to all whose lives lack whatever it is they need to move toward wholeness.


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