Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Dear God,

Thank you for this life.

It has been happy, sad, intriguing, busy, dangerous, relaxing, satisfying, anger-inducing, painful, overwhelming, hysterical, hilarious, astounding...

Sometimes all in the same day.

But it has never been boring.


Thanksgiving was a medley of food, emotion, sunshine, and television.

I cried off and on throughout the day. My daughter and I ate until we were stuffed while watching the Macy's parade. I passed out on the floor after, full as the proverbial tick.

I've been talking to my daddy a lot. I wish we lived closer because I wish I could see him more often.

Maybe we'll drive up soon and stay overnight. It would be cool if we could stay at his place but it's not big enough and they already have a house full.

Friends back home keep asking when we're coming home again. We'll be going at our usual time, unless (God forbid) there's an emergency that requires us to go home sooner.

A lot of folk thought we would be moving back home after Mr. Bliss died. But no. This place is home  for now. We have family and friends here;a ties, binds. Life is good here. Affordable, picturesque, life-affirming, low-key.

My daughter and I were blessed to be able to take a trip to the beach in October. It was a wonderful week of sand, sun, and surf. Great accommodations, good food, and a visit with a good friend.

We sprinkled my husband's ashes in the ocean during our visit. It was sad but I felt it helped me release him a little more. Moving forward is a long process, one that may continue for the rest of my life. But it's necessary. The living should not stagnate because of the dead.

Mr. Bliss will live forever in our hearts and a part of my heart belongs to him. But I can't pretend I don't want to experience romantic love again.

I do and I will.

It's also what he wanted for me. His best friend told me.

In the meantime, life is what it is: ongoing.

Today, I am thankful that it is so.



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