Monday, December 12, 2011

492. Time keeps on slipping...

It's such a cliche but so true that the older I get, the faster time seems to pass. I'm also finding that I can't remember details about events as clearly as I once could. Which always gives me twinges of regret that I'm not writing everything down now so I can recall it later.

But I'm so busy now doing now stuff, if I take the time to write it all down, I'll be behind schedule. And if I'm forgetting it's because I have so much to do that I can't possibly keep it all in my brain so I must write it down lest I forget to do something that really needs doing.

What a life.

Not that I'm complaining. This is not a rant, just an observation.

We have mostly been busy having fun, though the responsible one (me) has had to tend to the adult duties of making appointments for auto/medical/school necessities and more.

On top of my regular duties I've been working on Special Projects that have taken most of my time for the past three months or so. When I'm done, I'll take a few deep breaths, give thanks, and move on to the next projects as they're already waiting on the sidelines.

Life is just one big party around here and I'm lucky enough to be the guest of honor.

Or maybe I'm the hostess?

Any way, I'm happy to say that despite the occasional lapse into Unhealthy Eating, I've been doing pretty good with my journey to a Healthier Me.

I've been learning lots about good nutrition and I've come across two new things I like. One is a Greek yogurt called Fage. (Pronounced fa-yeh.)

Although I don't do well with dairy, I love yogurt. I enjoy Stonyfield Farm's French Vanilla and some brands of "Greek" yogurts as well.

Thankfully, the vanilla yogurt helped me cut back a little on my straight-from-the-packet sugar consumption which increased when we began eating at Qdoba.

I usually get burritos at Qdoba and I take my sour cream on the side because although I love sour cream, in the past few years I haven't been able to eat it without adding sugar to it. (Which weirded me out the first time I felt the need to do it because I had a vague memory of sour cream tasting sweeter.)

One time we brought our burritos home and we were out of sour cream. (We only bought it once very few months any way because I was the only one who ate it.)

Then I spied my french vanilla yogurt in the fridge and realized it tasted the same as sour cream with sugar added. (Duh!)

So there's no need to buy sour cream any more.

Now back to the Fage.

Fage is thick and solid-looking, nothing at all like what most people see when they open a yogurt container. And while it's supposed to be good for us, it tastes like sour cream.


My fix: I stir until it's creamy then add granola and slivered almonds.


But it's not really a big deal. My issues with dairy will prevent me from eating Fage too often. I bought the first container because after reading really good things about it here:  Snack Girl, I was eager to try it, and I was surprised to find it at Trader Joe's.

I bought the second container because I was surprised to see it at Super Target (on sale too) and I wanted to see if I could taste a difference between the 2% fat and the 0% fat. (I couldn't.)

Shockingly, my daughter -- the sugary-yogurt fanatic -- tried Fage and liked it. She added frozen blueberries to her portion.

Unless my daughter specifically requests it, the next time I buy a container of Fage will be some time in 2012.

The other new thing I came across was information on micronutrients. (Read here: Maximize Your Micronutrients)

I was flipping channels on the telly one night this past week and there was Dr. Joel Fuhrman talking about a way of eating that would help you shed pounds without being hungry or dieting.

Thinking it was an info-mercial, kept flipping. But when I saw the same program the next day, I realized it was a public television fund-raising special and I grew more interested. I watched, did some research online and realized it made sense to me because I remembered how much better I looked and felt when I made  green food smoothies part of my daily schedule.

How interesting to see that while I already knew the power and importance of green foods in one's diet, research on the topic of micronutrients had started long ago. I guess I wasn't totally clueless but I wasn't aware that it was being studied and that there was a collective name for it all.

Ask and ye shall receive! I guess once I re-focused on my determination to do better regarding my eating habits, the information that had been there all along made its way into my orbit.

More information for my long list of healthy living resources!

I am thankful.



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