Thursday, November 10, 2011

491. Blissful rejuvenation.

Ah well, it's that time of year.

I've been getting sick.  :(

Yes, yes. I'm in need of better habits: eating, sleeping, exercising, drinking water. All the deficits contribute to my lowered immune system thus making me a target for the invisible critters that wreak havoc on health.

First the Allergy Army came for a visit. It stayed a few weeks, finally leaving after we bought an air purifier.

Then came the Migraine Meddlers. They only lasted a few hours but the accompanying symptoms gave me such a fright that we headed to the E.R. for a cocktail that I didn't want but badly needed.

Since then, I've been doing my best to get more sleep and more water, as well as eat mindfully and more often.

I know I get headaches when I'm dehydrated. And I've always tried to quell them with drinking large quantities of water. But with no luck...

However, I may have found a solution. I was in Big Lots the other day and I found their MetroElectro water. We've been fans of Smart Water for years and we buy it occasionally. The ingredients in the M.E. water are antioxidants, electrolytes and zinc, all of which I'm sure to be lacking in at any given time and probably more likely during a headache.

That same day I had gone out without eating and had not had a drop of water either. So I grabbed several bottle of the M.E. water, 50 cents each.

When I got to my car, I swigged half the bottle in a few minutes and was amazed to find my headache subsiding.


And although I'm still not getting enough water, I've been drinking one 20oz bottle of M.E. water a day. Which is more water per day than I've ever drunk in life.

My last few ounces of M.E. water will be gone in a few minutes. I'll be re-loading at Big Lots before I head to my crochet group later today.

Which reminds me: I created my diet affirmations here on my blog and did not follow up with the rest. My bad.

The oversight will be corrected before I leave for my crochet group today.

I am thankful for the ability to do so.

And so it is!

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