Friday, September 10, 2010

453: It's been a while.

Greetings and salutations all.

Wow. Can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. So much has happened but life as a whole remains similar. By that I mean nothing tragic has happened, I haven't taken any drastic measures around here (though I've often felt the need to...), we haven't hit the billion dollar powerball, and I'm thankful that we still have food/clothing/shelter.

The weekend dropped in while I was sleeping. And now she wants to know what my plans are for her this time around. While I have nothing specific in mind, I'm not fretting. My life may be serene at times but it's never dull or boring. Not to me any way.

If I don't luck up on a last-minute invite to a fun theme party, I will still find ways to have fun this weekend.

On Saturday, I might crochet or read a book out on my sunny balcony that overlooks a stunning pool and pond scene. Or I'll watch a couple of movies with my daughter. Or we'll make a yummy dessert that I've been salivating over at one of the foodie websites I've taken a liking to lately. Or I'll go hang out at the library for a couple of hours then grab lunch at the Qdoba across the road.

Sunday we'll go to church to hang with our church family for service and lunch after. That takes half the day. After that we'll come home and _________________.

Et voila! A whole weekend of activity, planned or not.

Either way, I'm gonna enjoy it.

Hope you do too!

Sending Love and Light,


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