Tuesday, June 9, 2009

442: What the...?

Um, I think someone is throwing rocks at my office window.

I've been hearing objects of various size pelt the glass for an hour or so. Not steadily or continuously but I know what I'm hearing.

Here's the thing: we're on the third floor.

Unless they're hiding on my downstairs neighbor's patio, there's no one down on the ground. (I checked. )

I don't think the missiles are coming from the pool because that's too far. (Unless someone is using a slingshot.)

I believe the children in the townhouse on the end might be the culprits but that's a bit of a stretch. Their door is open but the angle is off.

So I called the office to report it, was told they would send maintenance to stroll the grounds back there.


I just wanted to let them know in case the window gets broken. Some of those missiles sounded rather sizable.


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