Tuesday, June 9, 2009

441: It's been toooooooooooo long!

Howdy folks!

I can't believe it's June already and I haven't posted since March.


We certainly have been busy here Chez Bliss but that's no excuse. I have had some free time but I have to tell y'all, Facebook eats most of it.

Add my regular to-do list:
  1. homeschooling Baby Bliss
  2. laundry
  3. cleaning
  4. running errands
  5. taking grandma to run her errands
  6. monitoring bank accounts
  7. paying bills
  8. arranging services
  9. taking care of my work-related stuff
  10. taking care of my personal stuff
  11. taking care of Mr. Bliss's stuff
  12. checking e-mail
  13. a gazillion other duties as they arise

and it's a wonder I have time to eat.

Baby Bliss says I'm a Facebook-a-holic.

I fear she's right...


Currently Baby Bliss and I are gearing up for an extended trip to my home town. We were supposed to attend a family reunion during that time but it's been cancelled.

But we're still making the trip.

I have business there: a filmmaker is interested in one of my short stories. So I'll be attending at least one meeting while I'm home.

Hurray for me! (^o^)

We'll also be seeing bunches of friends and family while there. At some point...


Mr. Bliss is heading home too. He's going on a different day though.

While our visits will overlap, I don't plan to see him while we're there.

I'm trying to get a lil vacation time while I'm home. That means no husbands allowed. 'o)

In fact, as soon as we hit town, I'm dropping Baby Bliss at my mama's for the duration. Or most of it any way. She also wants to spend time with her BFF.

Which I'm happy to oblige cuz I'm gonna spend time with my BFF too while I'm there.


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