Wednesday, February 18, 2009

438: So I went to the yarn shop.

Hey y'all.

I went to the yarn shop.

And I bought yarn.

Expensive yarn.

I tried to fight the urge and it was a long fight. (I was in there for at least two hours.) But in the end, the beautifully bountiful and softly squishy yarns lured me into their knitted and crocheted webs and I was unable to leave the store without some of them.

A few of the fibers I bought were very nice yarn and on the pricey side. But every ounce I bought was on sale so even the expensive stuff wasn't super expensive.

And I used the remains of my Christmas money so I didn't put even a small dent in the family budget.

That yarn store is going out of business soon and I'm sure I'll make another trek out there just to have the pleasure of mingling 'mongst the Malabrigo and nestling 'midst the Noro.

Everything is on sale because everything must go before they shutter the doors and windows one last time. There were silk fibers in the back room that were $72 a hank. I can't help but wonder how low the prices will go on the final day of sales.

However, rest assured that never again will I buy a ball of fluff that costs more than a few bucks. Our local dollar store gets a wide variety of fibers and I've found incredible balls of stuff I just couldn't leave without.

I have several shoebox-sized bins in my craft closet, stuffed with tens of thousands of yards of... pretties, to testify to this truth. There they sit, waiting for Divine Inspiration to strike.


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