Saturday, January 31, 2009

437: Hard to believe this month is almost over.

Hey y'all.

In three minutes, January will be no more in my time zone. I can't believe how fast 31 days have flown by.

Seems we were just screaming "Happy New Year" and now everyone is gearing up for the Big Game.

I don't know what plans Mr. Bliss has for Big S Day but my Sunday will be full.

Church starts at 10:30 which means I'll be getting up at 9. I'm scheduled to teach my first Religious Education class tomorrow, a task I look forward to with a mixture of apprehension and glee.

Just my luck that I'm teaching the combined middle and high school groups, which includes Baby Bliss and her crew. Hooray.

Thankfully I will share the job with another mom.

Tomorrow is also 1st Sunday Potluck and our Fiber Arts group will meet after lunch.

I don't know what we're contributing to potluck as I didn't buy anything specifically for it and I'm not sure what we have in here that's suitable.

My favorite part of the day will be our Fiber Arts group. We've planned a visit to a LYS (local yarn shop) and I am soooooo excited. I've been crocheting for at least 30 years but this will be my first visit to a yarn store.

Yarn comes in so many yummy colors and textures. The small stash in my office in no way compares to the stashes that some of my friends are hoarding. But I don't have very many "good" yarns.

Before I joined the CPs needlework group, I never paid attention to a yarn's fiber content, just the feel of the yarn. And even that has been a recent preference of only a year or so. Usually I just picked up the colors (and prices) I liked.

For years I picked up bag of mixed yarns at thrift stores. A bag of yarn from the thrift usually had four to six skeins. If I was lucky, two of them would be the same color.

Then we moved several hundred miles away and finding yarn at thrift stores became a chore akin to looking for the haystack needle. But I began to find yarn at the dollar store and Big Lots. Then I began buying yarn at WalMart and sometimes Hobby Lobby.

One day I found huge balls of cotton thread at the dollar store. I fell in love with it and began buying several each time I made a dollar store run. Eventually the same thing happened with ribbon yarn and I still have a ton of both in my stash.

Eventually I began putting more effort into my crochet hobby and voila! Reasons to crochet more (meaning people to crochet for) appeared from every crack and crevice. Then I began to be more discriminating about the feel of the yarns I bought.

Anything soft and reasonably priced came home with me.

But I still didn't know about the "good" yarns. That is my most recent acquired yarn knowledge, courtesy of the CPs.

The "Good" yarns are the natural fibers and their blends: cotton, wool, silk, angora, etc.

Good yarns usually come from mysterious places called Local Yarn Shops, another news item for me because I'd never heard of them or been to one. They have names like Noro and Malabrigo, are often handspun, and come in dreamy colors that make them appear edible.

Initially I felt like a dork, coming in with my acrylic yarns. Then I joined at the suggestion of some of the ladies. And I began stashing my yarn online. (Stashing is a process where you add all the yarn you own to an online database that's stored in your personal Ravelry notebook as well as one that's for the site in general.)

Stashing online was how I discovered that I too owned some "good" yarns. Aside from the cotton thread I'd been buying from the dollar store (and eventually Hobby Lobby too, when it was on deep, deep clearance), the cottons and wools I had must be leftovers from those mixed bags I'd gotten from my thrift store runs.

It's not very much of it. Just three small skeins of locally made wool and three skeins of cotton made in NY. Don't know what I'll use any of it for as I'm not fond of wool next to my skin and the cotton looks like it will be hard to work with as it's "splitty".

But I'm lookng forward to our LYS fieldtrip after potluck.

One of the Fiber Arts group members got a sales e-mail from the store. It said some yarns are 60% off. The question is 60% off of what?

As much as I would love to crochet something special for myself using a nice Noro silk and mohair blend or eco-friendly organically grown cotton blended with cashmere, I am not paying four or five bucks for a hank of yarn.

My prayer: I will find a baby soft yarn in colors I love and a price I'll be happy to pay.

And so it is.



Aly Cat 121 said...

*chuckle* about the baby soft yarns. I've always wanted to do stuff like that - but I know what I CAN and CAN'T do. Plus I still need to "finish up" all the dayum scrap books I started YEARS ago *shakin head*

Time does fly - Feb is about to be over soon as well (especially since it's a short month)

bliss said...


Yes this month is almost gone too. It's almost time to pay the every-month bills again. Too soon!

And speaking of "baby soft yarns", I just remembered that I'm supposed to be making a baby sweater for our downstairs neighbor.

I need to pop on over to your place to see what the DoD have been up to lately. It's been too long since Baby Bliss and I have checked out their happy faces. :o)