Sunday, December 28, 2008

433: Busy Bliss

A sista has been so busy that blogging has just fallen by the wayside for a bit.

One of my cousins dragged me back to Facebook and I've been hanging out there for a while. lol

I've also been hanging out on, which I joined at the suggestion of a few members of one of the needlework groups I belong to. (Which now number three.)

Of course we were busy getting ready for Christmas. I haven't celebrated by giving gifts in a while but this year I decided to change that.

God is always helpful and it was evident on December 16 when I logged onto for a little browsing.

The clearance section had a ton of stuff for $5 or less. I could not believe my eyes. So I ordered a bunch of stuff that I decided to give as Christmas gifts to my family and myself.

Now, I've been know to take the occasional side trip into the Land of Expensive Things I Want But Don't Need. However, I am truly Frugal and Practical in my heart of hearts.

Consequently, I didn't buy anything frivolous.

Yes, I know children don't want undies, socks, pants, backpacks, and tee shirts. But those are all the things I bought for Baby Bliss. I also bought her toiletries from the $1 section at Target.

Mr. Bliss got a nice shirt, toiletries and a backpack. He didn't need anything else.

For myself, I got undies, tee shirts, a backpack, and a pair of shoes.

Other family gifts were soft and warm socks. They came in lots of two pair for $4. I bought red, black, dark brown, heather blue and heather gray. Some came with one long pair and one bootie-style pair. I split all the pairs up, put each pair in gallon plastic zip bags, and tossed them all in a big bag.

I also bought two educational games from, Blokus and Bananagrams.

Mr. Bliss and I had played both at church one Family Game Night and agreed we wanted to get them for home.

Since she pestered us to no end, we let Baby Bliss open one gift on Christmas Eve. And since I told her Blokus was the only gift in the house and she couldn't prove otherwise, that's the one she opened. (I lied. The Nintendo DS that came from her dad and stepmom was here but I wanted her to save that for Christmas day.)

We played several games of Blokus that night before Christmas.

Mr. Bliss woke me up on Christmas Day as he was sneaking out to his truck at 5 a.m. to retrieve our gifts. I got my favorite candy, a cookbook, a stuffed animal, and my all-time favorite gift to receive for any occasion, cash. :o)

Baby Bliss's gifts from him were the same but different.

Later, the three of us went to Grandma's, where the two Bliss opened their gifts.

Dinner was at an auntie's house, breaking from the "dinner at grandma's" tradition that has been in existence at least since my birth.

And there was no turkey either. No complaints from me. I'm sure grandma loved it too as she's always the turkey cook and we'd had one for Thanksgiving.

The socks I bought as gifts were only for the ladies in the family. Each person was supposed to pick a pair of socks from the bag and feel free to trade them if they wanted.

If my aunt's daughter had come with her two girls, each person would have gotten one pair with two pairs left over. They didn't show so everyone should have ended up with two pair.

I think each of my two aunties took two pair and I know Baby Bliss and I only took one pair each. If grandma had taken her two pair, that would still have left an additional two pair to be had. Grandma ended up with the original bag at the end of the evening so I assume she has the two extras.

Saturday, Mr. Bliss came home with a game thingie for Baby Bliss's DS. It wasn't the game she'd been trying to con out of me but she likes the thingie well enough. Apparently it has over 40 games on it and she's found some favorites already.

I sure hope it keeps her busy with that DS because I don't intend to buy any games, accessories, or batteries for it. Ever.


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