Tuesday, December 9, 2008

431: How Well Do You Wear Your Genes?

(my soundtrack: "Sunshine on My Shoulders" by John Denver)

Mr. Bliss wears his exceptionally well and I'm jealous.

Not that I would ever think of dying my gray hair, but it gets me kinda pissy that he was seven years old when I was born and his gray hair is almost invisible. Mine seems to sprout in the wee hours, while I'm doing laundry or blogging.

He also looks really young, that Mr. Bliss. He's welcoming 50 with open arms but his face could be mistaken for late 30s. No joke.

I saw a picture of him taken when he was 25. He looked 15. Seriously.

So I know his momma dyes her hair. But she still has a lot of it at 70+. (And everyone already knows she's best friends with Miss Clairol so I'm not revealing any secrets.)

When Father-in-law Bliss died at 74, he had a head full of thick silky strands of silver with a whole lot of coal black still visible. And he didn't look a minute older than 60 or so.

Now I'm not hating cuz my family has young-ish genes too. But Mr. Bliss inherited the Fountain of Youth genes.

Lucky him. *snarl*


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Kiki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and my pattern! I hope they turn out well for your daughter! I would love to see a pic when you are done!

Your post had me laughing. I got my first gray hair when I was 16, so Miss Clairol and I are close friends, too. My grandmother didn't get her first gray hair until she was 78. What is up with THAT?!